JAMES BAROUD 462391 Side Tunnel Awning 98"x106"

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JAMES BAROUD 462391 Side Awning 98"x106" - aka "Tunnel Awning" with ladder passage "tunnel"

The James Baroud Side Awnings (98″ X 106″) are a “bag-less” design, making them the easiest awnings on the market. Our unique design allows the awning to roll into itself and is closed by using straps. The awning material is made of the same aluminized fabric that our tents are made of, making them waterproof and solar reflective. Ours are the most compact, aerodynamic awnings in the world; they fit where others wont and provides the clearance needed when off-road.


James Baroud Side Awning

The James Baroud awning is designed to shield you from inclement weather and give you more privacy. With this awning, you free up time and space to organize your living area and easy access to your vehicle. The awnings are made from the same material as the roof top tents – six-layer aluminized polyester with an acrylic coating. To better suite your needs, this SUV canopy is available in two different sizes. We also offer awning enclosures.


  • 4 aluminium telescopic  poles
  • Aluminized canvas 100% watertight, reflect the sun’s rays. UV resistant, 100% waterproof and air permeable.
  • Fixing on aluminum slides
  • Can be fixed on independent roof bars, on roof racks  or on  hardshell roof tents
  • Awning is protected in a PVC bag with a zipper.

By purchasing an overland vehicle awning from Altitude Industries, I agree to the following:

  1. ) I understand that it is my responsibility, not that of Altitude Industries, to properly mount my awning on my particular vehicle, roof rack, and/or application.
  2. ) I understand that awnings typically do NOT come with a specific mounting bracket to make the awning easy to mount, or "direct bolt-on" for my specific mounting situation. Additional brackets made by the awning manufacturer, the rack manufacturer, or by another company, may be required. A specific additional bracket may not exist at all for my particular combination of gear. Custom brackets may be required at additional cost, or I may need to employ the services of a local fabrication, welding, 4x4 or Overland shop. It is not the responsibility of Altitude Industries to provide you step by step instructions on how to mount the awning you have purchased, nor guide you through how to custom mount it for your particular application. Failure to being able to figure out how to mount the awning, does not entitle the buyer to a refund, return, or cancellation outside of the Altitude Industries Terms and Conditions, and restocking and return policies will apply. Awnings that have been taken out of the box and attempted to be mounted, are NOT returnable. It will be your responsibility to determine how to mount the awning, or to sell the awning used in your local marketplace if you decide not to use the product once you have attempted to mount it.
  3. ) I understand that not all awnings have the same types of mounting requirements. Different awning designs may require vastly different mounting brackets and roof racks in order to safely carry the load of the awning and the forces created by wind and the weight of the awning itself, "drooping" under its own weight. This can bend or break light duty mounting brackets, racks, or vehicle roofs. Some awnings have continuous channels on the backside allowing the mounting brackets to be located anywhere along the back. Others do not, and have very specific locations where the awning must bolt to the rack, such as at the end of the awning at the hinge joint on some 270 wing style awnings. It is possible that this can cause challenges in mounting with other pieces of gear on your vehicle such as rooftop tents. Some awnings are intended for use with crossbars, others are more suited to platform style racks. I agree that it is my responsibility to study the manufacturer's installation instructions (if any) and determine the appropriate method of mounting. I also understand that Altitude Industries may provide, at their discretion, mounting suggestions or advice, but that they are not responsible for solving your particular mounting challenges, gear integration issues, or to tell you your mounting solution "will be ok". It is the customer's responsibility to modify their vehicle with the gear they purchase as they see fit.
  1. ) I agree to respect the effect of wind forces on my awning. I understand that it is my responsibility to understand the physics of leverage and how even slight breezes can break awnings, vehicle racks, or cause damage to my vehicle. I agree that when in doubt, it is safer to just put the awning away than risk using it in strong wind. I hold harmless Altitude Industries from any damage or injury.
  2. ) I agree to follow manufacturer guidelines for wind speeds, using guy-lines/tethers, stakes and poles etc. I understand that it may be needed to rope, tether, or use poles even in low wind situations to prevent problems.
  3. ) I understand that the use of a wall enclosure kit (if available for your awning) can help prevent wind from lifting up on an awning (helping eliminate the “sail” effect). However, high winds can still cause damage. Poles may be needed to help support the additional weight of wall enclosure kits.
  4. ) Awnings are primarily intended for shade. They may not be completely “waterproof” (especially at first, the threads and fibers may require “seasoning” similar to a tent, where getting wet will cause them to swell and become more waterproof). Snow and pooling water from rain can become very heavy. Set up your awning for proper drainage, and take care to dump accumulating weight, or put awning down. I understand that awnings will also likely let rain or water in between the back side of the awning and vehicle and are not intended to create completely waterproof "rooms" even with wall enclosure kits in place.
  5. ) Never drive or move your vehicle with the awning deployed.
  6. ) It is possible for the awning bracket mounting bolts to loosen over time during driving. It is your responsibility to check all bolts regularly, especially before and after offroad or washboard gravel road driving. Follow the gear manufacturer’s maintenance, load ratings, tightening and/or torque specs, etc.
    Failure to keep bolts tight can lead to breaking the gear, or gear falling off the vehicle. This can cause damage to the gear, your vehicle. It can cause injury or death of you or other motorists on the road with you. Please take this responsibility seriously. You have chosen to modify your vehicle, it is also your responsibility to maintain it.
  7. ) Most awnings are not intended to hold the weight of accumulations of snow during winter camping.
  8. ) Not all awning materials are fire resistant. Never maintain an open flame under your awning. Never use a heater under your awning without proper ventilation, and never leave a heater unattended or on while you are sleeping.
  9. ) It is not recommended to leave an awning deployed while you are away from your vehicle, or while you are sleeping. Unexpected weather/winds can happen while the awning is left unattended resulting in damage.
  10. ) I understand that it is best practice to dry out my awning before storing it in its cover. Leaving fabrics and materials stored wet can result in mold or mildew.
  11. ) I understand that the zipper on my awning cover should not be "forced" and I should take care to make sure the awning material is out of the way while closing the cover zipper so that the material does not become snagged. I will maintain my zipper with zipper wax to keep it operating smoothly.
  12. ) I understand that driving offroad near trees can result in my awning bag being torn by tree branches and that this is my responsibility to avoid.
  13. ) I also acknowledge that the awning manufacturer may not warranty items damaged by damage caused from improper use. (such as wind, fire, leaving it unattended, etc) I further understand that manufacturer's rarely publish an exact wind speed that it is "okay" to use the awning in. You must use your own best judgement, and use the awning at your own risk.
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JAMES BAROUD 462391 Side Tunnel Awning 98"x106"
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