Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen MK2 60L

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What makes this kitchen setup so special? Watch the video carefully, its fridge DROP SLIDE at the same time as a stacked complete kitchen solution!  No getting a ladder to reach the contents of your fridge!  The fridge drops down to tailgate level behind your kitchen/stove as you pull it out.  Storage for pots and pans, utensils, camp stove and tons of prep surface, all in one neatly STACKED package.  Stacked means you don't have to take up the full width of your SUV or Pickup with a fridge and stove side by side, or settle for standing on step stools to reach your fridge. Best of both worlds! 

Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen MK2 60L 

Product # QPSA-MK003

What is the Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen?

The Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen is a product designed to solve a problem every camper and overlander has, and that is to optimize space. When you have a fridge in your vehicle or trailer you can not store anything on top or under the fridge thus is wasted space. The mini kitchen resolves the problem by giving you 2 drawers under your fridge, a big drawer and a cutlery drawer with a prep table as well.

The drawer slides out and in one action the fridge will follow and drops down to replace the drawer. This gives easy access to your fridge at a reachable height. The secret to the mini kitchen is that you can use the drawer and the fridge at the same time making it a revolution in the camping and overlanding industry. The unit is made from 2mm, 3mm alluminium and 3mm Stainless Steel, powder coated to the highest quality.


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Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen MK2 60L
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