Quick Pitch Rooftop Tent
Features: Best Quality The tent is manufactured from the best quality extruded aluminium and the best quality canvas. Unique Design The Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent has an awning on all sides of the tent to prevent rain and dew...
Quick Pitch 270º Weathershade (20 second awning)
Features: Versatile The Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second Awning can be used on SUV’s, Caravans, Trailers or any other vehicle where shade is needed. Suprisingly Large The 5 extruded arms of the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awning make it...
from $1,499.00
Quick Pitch 270º Weathershade Side Wall Kit
This wall kit is ONLY for the 2.5m Weathershade Awning. What is the Quick Pitch 270 Weather Shade Side Wall Kit? This side wall kit was designed with the user in mind as this side wall kit can be fitted...
Sold Out
Quick-En-Suite (Privacy Room) – Box Unit
What is the Box Unit? The Box Unit is made from 2 mm aluminium, oxidized and powder coated, and it has 3 click-in hinges able to withstand 12kg. With 2 stainless steel knock overs to secure the box once closed....
Quick-En-Suite (Privacy Room) – Bag Unit
What is the Bag Unit? The Bag Unit is a Back plate made from 3 mm aluminium, oxidized and powder coated. The three arms made from 3mm aluminum oxidized and powder coated. Curtain is made from a durable material, silver...
Quick Pitch Load Bar (length: 1450mm ≈ 57")
What is the Quick Pitch Load Bar? The Quick Pitch Load Bar is a versatile Load Bar that can be mounted to any surface. It has M8 mounting slides on all 4 sides. You can mount rooftop tents, working lights,...
Quick Pitch Brackets
These brackets are for mounting the Quick Pitch family of products. Please follow our numbering system for selecting the correct brackets for your combinations. 1 Quick Pitch Rooftop Tent Brackets These moutning brackets are specifically designed to mount the QP...
from $90.00
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