Annex Plus
*Click HERE for additional installation services information The Annex Plus offers even more space for whatever you need. Room to store extra gear within arm's reach. A discreet place to change. A cozy space for your dog to camp alongside you. Shelter...
Quick Pitch Wall Enclosure Kit for 270º Awning
What is the Quick Pitch 270 Weather Shade Side Wall Kit? This side wall kit was designed with the user in mind as this side wall kit can be fitted by one person in minutes because of the heavy-duty zips...
$1,399.00 from $799.00
Quick Pitch 2.5m 270º Free-Standing Awning Weathershade w/ 20 second setup
*Click HERE for additional installation services information Note: This listing is for the larger, 2.5 Meter version. There is also a 2.0 Meter long version of the awning, see here Refer to the MOUNTING BRACKET page for available Quick Pitch Awning Mounting Brackets Features:...
$1,799.00 from $999.00
Sold Out
Skycamp 3.0 Awning (midnight Gray)
*Click HERE for additional installation services information Save yourself from the stress of unpredictable weather. Zipping right onto your iKamper RTT, this 100% waterproof awning offers effortless protection from the elements. We offer two models of the Awning, so be sure to...
from $369.00
Sold Out
ExoShell 270º Awning
*Click HERE for additional installation services information First-of-its-kind, the ExoShell 270 awning features a hard shell anodized aluminum case for unmatched durability. Forget the legs because this 270 awning is freestanding to reduce clutter around your feet and make setup a breeze....
Quick-En-Suite (Privacy Room) – Box Unit
 *Click HERE for additional installation services information What is the Box Version of the En-Suite? The Box Unit is made from 2 mm aluminium, oxidized and powder coated, and it has 3 click-in hinges able to withstand 12kg. With 2 stainless steel knock...
$649.00 $399.00
Quick-En-Suite (Privacy Room) – Bag Unit
 *Click HERE for additional installation services information What is the Bag Version of the En-Suite? The Bag Unit is a Back plate made from 3 mm aluminium, oxidized and powder coated. The three arms made from 3mm aluminum oxidized and powder coated. Curtain...
$475.00 $299.00
JAMES BAROUD 462396 Walls for Awning 79x107
*Click HERE for additional installation services information JAMES BAROUD 462396 Walls for Awning 79x107 (2.0 Meter Awning) This Kit includes the fabric wall panels and hardware to attach to your James Baroud side or tunnel awning, enclosing it into a comfortable annex...
$809.00 $449.99
Front Runner Awning Brackets - Batwing Manta - RRAC074
*Click HERE for additional installation services information Allows for the mounting of the 270 wing style awnings such as Rhino Rack Batwing, Compact Batwing, Foxwing, Manta, etc (or a wide variety of other overland awnings, see awning mounting hole diagram/dimensions) to the side...
RLD Design - Awning Platform Corner Mounting Bracket for Rhino Rack Pioneer Platforms
*Click HERE for additional installation services information Securely mount awning to the corner of your Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform!  These strong brackets are powder coated stainless steel.  They cup the platform edge like a "c", creating a strong corner mounting point on your...
$199.00 $99.00
Quick Pitch Telescopic Pole Set of 3 for 270 Awnings
Kit Includes: 3 Telescopic aluminum adjustable height poles that mount to your 2.5M or 2.0M 20 Second Weathershade Awning (LHS or RHS).  The poles may stay attached to the awning and the awning will still easily fold into the awning travel...
$69.99 $35.10
  *Click HERE for additional installation services information Use this Kammok bracket set to mount your Crosswing Awning (7ft or 5ft) to a vertical surface or rack face.  Info From Kammok: Mount the Crosswing to any vertical surface with the Vertical Bracket....
$39.99 $29.99
Rhino Rack Replacement Batwing Awning Hinge Eyes - BATWING POLE SERVICE KIT Part No: CA1175
*Click HERE for additional installation services information The Batwing Pole Service Kit consists of two replacement hinges which has been engineered to withstand most conditions the Batwing Awning might be exposed to. Made from an engineered plastic which replaces the cast alloy design...
$18.99 $14.99
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