AN APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED IN ADVANCE OF PICKUP.  We have pick up appointments available Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm most days, please schedule an appointment.

1. Please do not come to the warehouse for pickup until you have received email confirmation that your order is ready for pick up.   Please schedule a pickup appointment/time prior to arriving, the warehouse is open by appointment only. 

2. Bring ratchet straps or other means to secure the load if you are picking up a large item such as a rooftop tent or truck cap.   These boxes and wood crates are large, and generally do NOT fit inside vehicles or under truck toppers.  We are happy to forklift the box to your roof rack, into a trailer, or truck bed.  Inexpensive trailers can be rented at Uhaul or Home Depot.  Home Depot also rents flatbed trucks by the hour. 

3. Please note that "Pickup in box" does not mean "unbox and install your product in the parking lot" . Please inquire about installation services if you require assistance.  It is safer to transport your item home in the box and install it where you have the proper tools, time, and assistance. Please bring any packaging you remove from your item home with you, trash services are not available at the warehouse. 

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