Kakadu Outback Shower - AC Power Wall Adapter
Effortlessly charge up your Outback Shower at home using our convenient Outback Shower AC Adaptor. FEATURES: Charge your Outback Shower in no time SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 5'10" length Weight: 1.15lbs
180W MiaSole Flexible High Efficiency Camper or RTT Solar Panel
  *Click HERE for additional installation services information. FLEX-03WS Wide 1.0M 180 Watts, 20 CELL MANUAL MODULE (5-strip mastic).  NEW In BOX.  Adhesive backed. Flexible to conform to curves of vehicle roofs. Perfect for a wedge camper, rooftop tent, van, bus...
$950.00 $299.99
QUAKE LED Monolith - 43 Inch SUPER SLIM LED Light Bar 200 Watt
*Click HERE for additional installation services information The Quake LED Monolith Slim Series is a slim light bar that packs quite a punch. Genuine 5 watt Cree Diodes pounds light into the darkness and won't leave you stranded when you need them...
$549.99 $499.99
BOULDER200 BRIEFCASE – Portable Solar Panel
*Click HERE for additional installation services information.   Whether you’re boondocking, camping, or establishing home backup, these powerful 200-Watt tempered glass panels fold down to an easy-to-carry briefcase for the ultimate on-the-go setup. Features Monocrystaline solar panels deliver up to 200 watts of...
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