Question: How much will installation cost?


The cost of installation varies depending upon the unique aspects of your vehicle, roof rack, other installed gear/accessories, so on.  If you require a more detailed estimate, please contact us.

Estimated minimum installation costs:

GAIA Truck Caps: $250+ (Standard Installation*)

RSi Smartcap: $500 to assemble and then Standard Install on Truck (or skip intalllation, and ask us about pick up in the box discounts for DIY assembly/installation at home). 

GAIA Truck Campers: $1200+ (Standard Installation*)

Kufu Drawers: $400+ 

Rooftop Tents on GAIA Crossbars (on a GAIA Truck Cap): $100

Rooftop Tents on Customer's Crossbar Roof Rack: $350+ 

Any other agreed upon work: $130/hour 

*Standard Installation = Mounting the Truck CapCamper to the truck bed using clamps, track hardware, drilling and bolting etc as per the cap mfg instructions. Standard installation does NOT include wiring such as 12V led internal strip lights, or 3rd Brake Light Wiring.  

Question: Will you wire the truck cap lighting or 3rd Brake Light?


Yes, we can wire the truck cap or camper internal LED lighting to a standard 12V socket/plug so it can be used to plug into a portable power source such as a Goal Zero Battery System, or into your 12V cigarette lighter socket in your truck. However, we no longer offer wiring services which require "tapping/splicing" into the vehicle wiring (such as into the truck tail lights).  This includes 12V LED lights and 3rd brake lights. Tapping can cause grounding issues or computer check engine lights etc. We recommend that you either do not tap into your vehicle wiring at all, or you take your vehicle to the dealership where they can utilize proper wiring diagrams for your specific vehicle make/model/year and/or diagnose any computer troubles that result. Or, to an auto-electric specialist. Essentially even though wiring of this sort is not considered "difficult" we can not charge enough to make it "worth it" to our business, so we no longer offer that service.  Many people opt not to hook up 3rd brake lights. (think of how many people have bed racks with rooftop tents that block the factory 3rd brake light for example...) 

Question: Do you have a waiting room? Can I drop off my vehicle? 


The warehouse does not have a waiting room. Insurance does not allow customers in the warehouse or shop while an installation is taking place.  We recommend that you plan to drop off the vehicle or to visit a nearby option within walking distance such as Starbucks, Target etc. If you need to drop the vehicle off for a day or two please make arrangements with us. Most installations can be dropped off and picked up the same day. 

Question: How long will the installation take?


Estimated Times for Common Installations:

GAIA Truck Caps: 1-3 hours

GAIA Truck Campers: 4-6+ hours

Kufu Drawers: 4+ hours

Rooftop Tents on GAIA Crossbars (on a GAIA Truck Cap): 1 hour

Rooftop Tents on Customer's Crossbar Roof Rack: 1-2 hours

Question: What about awnings and accessories etc?


Please ensure any accessories such as awnings, bike racks, maxtrax and their associated brackets are removed from your crossbar rack prior to arriving for installation of your rooftop tent.   

You can see item by item on our website, which products we do and do not installed, simply refer to the description tab of the item on our website. For example:

Question: Will the tent I am interested in "fit" on my roof rack? Is my rack "ok" for the tent I'd like to purchase?  


In our experience, the word "fit" is misleading. In most people's minds, fit is related to the visual/aesthetic finished result.  Each person has a very different view of what will look "good" and that is up to each customer. Any tent can "fit" on any vehicle, provided that the roof rack is strong enough to hold it safely. 

We install all gear according to the manufacturer's requirements and recommendations.  We are happy to discuss your situation and lend you our experience and expertise to help navigate load ratings and gear combinations. However, in the end it is up the to customer to decide how they would like to modify their vehicle with a rooftop tent, rack, truck cap or camper etc.

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