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(2) Premium Kufu Catch-and-ClickTM Drawer Units (1400mm/55" deep/long) Height as specified by customer during checkout. 

(1) Kufu Drawer System Mounting Platform (Universal 2 Drawer for 5ft Shortbed Truck Bed 1400mm Deep/Long)

(2) Kufu Catch and Click Bracket Kit - 1 per drawer

NOTE: ALL Kufu Drawer Units are 510mm (~20 inches) in width.  This makes them modular and stackable, so you can freely mix and match sizes!

The KUFU Drawer System is the ultimate vehicle storage solution, and a Premium KUFU Drawer is the pinnacle of the thoughtful and innovative system. The KUFU Drawer System is the most innovative and technically advanced, application-focused storage solution. Whether its for recreation, trades or a serious hobby, the KUFU Drawer system will keep your gear safe. With 6 different drawer sizes, and a growing range, classic styling details and trims to suit and compliment your vehicle, a KUFU installation is to be admired. The KUFU Drawer System is adaptable for any type of vehicle or application, based upon the patented Catch-and-Click system, you can connect, disconnect, change and modify your setup whenever you like. With over 6 global patents, mulitple design registrations the KUFU Drawer System is like no other.

The innovative Catch-and-Click attachment system is the foundation for the universal Mounting Platforms, supporting most major vehicles. No other drawer system can be quickly released and reattached to the vehicle or even stacked in a different position. The Catch-and-ClickTM system is part of the over-all Australian Design Rules compliance, safety and quality is at the heart of what we do. No other drawer protects your gear as well as a KUFU Drawer. Completly sealed, and not just at a top edge, every join in the construction of a KUFU Drawer is gasketed and overlapped for failsafe sealing. An automotive grade pinchweld bulb seal surrounds the perimeter of the Drawer front to seal the closed drawer from dust and weather. So proud and confident are we in our seal that we have included an exhale-valve feature for the convenient easy closure of the Drawer.

Each KUFU Premium Drawer is constructed with a purposefully designed glass-reinforced composite panel carcass, robust and strong as well as practical for all of your ideas and KUFU Accessories. The Catch-and-Click system attaches to the robust and serious carcass structure of the KUFU Drawer System. The composite panels carcass is working body of the Drawer, and is bolstered by aluminum L-track mounting rails that feature along the system edges to connect stacking drawers and accessories of all types. The carcass is capped by steel frames and sealed at every join and overlap. Integrated interior and exterior LED lighting that must be seen to be believed. The iconic handle shrouds the soft-touch grip that actuates the elegant locking mechanism, with incremental locking positions through the drawer travel as standard on every system and the ability to lock-in our out to prevent runaway loads. We think it’s the small ideas delivered big that set us apart from the rest. The KUFU Drawer System has confident and smooth action drawer slides, reinforced by the innovative triple-slide layout. A third telescoping slide is added to the working assembly to prevent lateral movement at extended positions and reduces excessive vibrations that can damage slides. The Australian designed and engineered system is assembled in Leopold a regional town in the state of Victoria from local and imported custom-components. All Kufu Drawer Systems are ADR compliant to 150kg per drawer. You can be satisifed that all your gear is safe, secure, organised and at your finger tips with a KUFU Drawer.



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