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The Pioneer Platform is the ultimate overland platform roof rack.  Pair it with your favorite Rhino Rack mounting legs/feet found here.

The Pioneer Platform is completely flat, made of strong lightweight and rust proof aluminum, and is covered in t-slots top and bottom to make attaching additional gear a cinch!   

We have found Platforms to be the ideal rooftop tent mounting solution.  For example, pair a 54" or 56" wide platform with your favorite ikamper or James Baroud Rooftop tent for a slam-dunk combination that looks as good as it performs.  These sizes allow the tent to sit directly on the flat platform with no fuss or extra height created by intermediary brackets or spacers.

Not installing a rooftop tent?  Go for a narrower 49" platform for a more streamlined sleek look with no side overhang on the vehicle.  Still not sure what to buy? You can use Rhino Rack's Vehicle Fit Tool to see what kits they list and what size platforms they suggest for your particular vehicle.  Or, contact us for some expert guidance. 

More Info from Rhino Rack:

The Pioneer Platform is the ultimate load carrying solution for your vehicle. Our latest range of Pioneer Platforms allow you to change the way you carry and complete your off-road roof top set up. With additional accessories channels in the front and rear extrusions we have increased the modular set up abilities of our system. Tested in the harshest conditions, the Pioneer is made with strong, durable and lightweight aluminium together with fiberglass re-enforced nylon corners. The Pioneer Platform has been specifically designed to carry most existing Rhino-Rack accessories - making it the most versatile and modular platform on the market.

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