Overland Gear Package - Custom1



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Overland Gear Package for Shortbed Tacoma


- INV4337 72x56 Closeout 42 Series Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform $650

- INV4337 Rhino Rack Backbone RUMB2 $466 discounted by $186.40

- INV4337 Quick Pitch Corner Mounting Bracket for Platform $195 discounted by $55

- INV4337 Quick Pitch LHS 2.5M Awning $1499 discounted by $350

- INV4337 Lavabox Tabletop Naked Propane Fire Pit $175 discounted $35

- INV4337 Element Fire Extinguisher E50 X2 $79.95 each, discounted by$16 each

- INV4337 ikamper 3.0 shoe bag $69 discounted by $10.03

- INV4337 ikamper vinyl rain canopy $69 discounted by $10.04

- INV4337 Dometic Go Faucet $99.99 discounted by $20

- INV4337 Dometic Go Hydration Jug 11L $69.99 discounted by $20

- INV4337 Dometic 45 Fridge $949 discounted by $324.45

- INV4337 Dometic HWK-DC $49.99 discounted by $22.40

- INV4337 Amber/White LED Weatherproof Strip Light 24" $46.50 discounted by $5.60

- INV4337 Goose Gear Type Drawer Set $975 discounted by $375

- INV4337 Rotopax 2 Gallon Water Packs Gen2 x2 $56.95 each discounted by $12 each

- INV4337 Quick Pitch LHS 2.5 Meter Wall Enclosure Kit w/ Telescopic Poles $1100 discounted by $275

- INV4337 Processing Fees on $4099.95 assuming $2.75% $112.75

- INV4694 Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen 60L MK2 $2050 discounted by $308

- INV4694 Processing fees on $1881.36 2.75% $51.73

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Overland Gear Package - Custom1
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